Viktor Ushakov, Vladimir Yarmolinsky, Mikhail Goryachev, Sergey Lugov, Sergey Dmitriev


Abstract. Nowadays the pavements of highways in Russia work under difficult conditions of constantly growing traffic volume. The current method for flexible pavements design has a number of serious disadvantages. It does not take into complete account the best practices in design and the actual operating conditions for highways. In a number of cases, this leads to the design of inefficient structures of pavements with a short service life. On a number of federal roads, there are observed rutting and premature wear out of road surface in the first years of the operation. Drainage sand layers and shallow drainage drains are quickly working out. Geosynthetic materials are sometimes used unreasonably. The design life of pavements does not comply with the current standards. In Russia the effective road construction materials are not yet completely used up, as well as local materials reinforced with astringents. The actual experience in operating various road structures with the identification of the most optimal solutions is still poorly considered, except for certain regions. Thus, an urgent need has arisen to develop standard designs of pavements for various natural and climatic conditions in Russia ensuring pavements' efficient operation. It is necessary to analyze the existing pavement designs on the federal highways under various road building climatic zones to develop the standard pavement designs.
Keywords: flexible pavements, typical constructions of pavements.

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