Yu.M. Thagazitov, H.T. Timizhev, M.A. Hakuasheva, F.T. Uzdenova, M.B. Kanukoyeva, M.B. Ketenchiev


Abstract. The article describes the early works by A. Keshokov and K. Kuliev in the context of the actual theoretical and historical and cultural problems of national literature development in the 30-50-ies of the 20th century. Tracing the specifics of the lyrical "I" and the universally valid in the elements of poet artistic world, the authors of the research correct the established tendencies of the national historical and literary process comprehension. The breadth of material coverage makes it possible to correlate the works by A. Keshokov and K. Kuliev both with the poetic tradition of the 1930-ies and with the folk-epic ones. Thus, it was possible to find and implement an organic synthesis of theoretical and historical-cultural approaches in the analysis of the early works by A. Keshokov and K. Kuliev, to recreate the artistic world in a unique artistic and ideological expression..

Keywords: A. Keshokov, K. Kuliev, North Caucasian poetry, ideological and artistic consciousness, historical and literary process.

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